Relaxation and Wellbeing
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Ayurveda Salud y Bienestar offers you a cordial welcome inviting you to improve your quality of life through natural health and beauty practices for the integral benefit of the body, mind and soul.

From the remote Sri Lanka, cradle next to India, of the millenary science of Ayurveda, the wisdom and practice of Ayurveda Marma Massage reaches these latitudes, whose technique accompanied with Ayurvedic and / or essential oils extracted from herbs, seeds, barks and flowers provide extraordinary results in health and beauty.

Ayurveda Health and Wellness unique in its style and quality provides the exclusive experience of authentic Ayurvedic massage treatments with imported Sri Lankan products and originally designed equipment that preserves the authenticity of the application of the treatments.


In 2012 I was certified as an Ayurvedic Massage Therapist with Dr. M. Hettige, Director of the “Deegayu International Institute of Ayurveda & Traditional Medicine” of Sri Lanka. Upon my return to Nicaragua, I founded the first Ayurvedic massage center in the country, through which I discovered the causes of stress and its management.

Founding Director / Therapist

Erika Fricke Lupone


We loved the experience! They have the whole concept for a well-deserved rest and disconnection. We love goat cheese!! p We would only make a few adjustments so that these experiences would have greater impact.

I congratulate you, the concept is very nice and very few do it!

Greetings and we hope to return soon! 🙂

Julissa Rothschuh Jarquin
September 30, 2023

My experience was excellent, they gave me massage and cupping. The masseuse is very professional and the oils of the best quality. A phenomenal relaxation. Thank you so much!

francina carranza
February 5, 2023

I love my yoga classes on Saturday mornings! Thanks!

January 25, 2023

Excellent the place is very clean and pleasant and the staff is super attentive

Evelyn Arroyo
January 9, 2023

From the first moment you enter the "AYURVEDA" establishment you feel a different environment without leaving the urban spectrum of the city, you get out of the noise and the usual traffic, and find a space with nature, listening to the sound of water and the singing of The birds is a melody that helps to relax from the start.

The facilities are first class, order, cleanliness and appropriate space for the purpose of the service they provide.

The personalized attention, and the explanations that you receive of the queries that you formulate are a particular seal of the careful attention that you receive, without a doubt, I recommend it so that you dedicate a moment of relaxation.

Thank you for everything, AYURVEDA!

Nelson Enrique Perez Fonseca
January 4, 2023

Great! Intense, professional, relaxing

Josefina Vijil
December 30, 2022

An unforgettable experience highly recommended.

Grethchen Araica
December 23, 2022

Extraordinary attention and session. I did not imagine that I could find a place like this here in Nicaragua, thank you very much for taking care of every detail from the center to the attention. A hug.

December 15, 2022

Very nice place and very professional service, I loved it very much and others who always provide recommendations for our personal care.

Fanny Duran
October 21, 2022

excellent attention

Ana Lady Alvarez Zuniga
October 21, 2022

Arriving at Ayurveda is always a new and wonderful experience of relaxation and well-being, you feel an energy that renews you
Thank you very much for everything infinite blessings

Karla Valle
October 7, 2022

The massage was very relaxing, the session is super deep, you feel like you were out of this world, at least in my experience it was something that made me forget everything and everyone, the therapist was very professional and the attention is super personalized, I like that you can take a shower after the session, good thing: if you keep going, the therapist follows up with your conditions and can help you.

Jerome Lopez
September 24, 2022

Very relaxing…

Ivania Loyal
September 13, 2022

I received a birthday gift certificate from a relative, to give me a relaxing massage and it was a spectacular experience, I disconnected from everything and enjoyed it to the fullest, it was wonderful, because I was under a lot of stress and tension, but I went out with renewed energies, it was an excellent experience and the attention is special. I recommend it.

Jannire Herrera Amador
8854 2804
September 7, 2022

Every year I visit Ayurveda Spa because it is the best place for massage and relaxation. The Staff is very friendly and professional, the facilities are very comfortable in the middle of Nature.
I recommend 100% this place. I am very satisfied with the treatments I had.

I wish you much success in this business and that you continue to prosper and provide the Good Vibes to all your customers.

Karla Levy
August 4, 2022

Totally recommended !!!!.
Thank you very much Doña Ericka for all the attention and quality of service extended to your team. With love,

Jorge Ayestas
August 3, 2022

I went for a pain crisis due to spinal problems, I received acupuncture treatment with excellent results, also in a pleasant environment, professional treatment that allows relaxation and well-being.

Martha Lorena Taboada Arana
July 18, 2022

Super relaxing, I recommend, it's an exciting experience and good for any kind of stress.

Meyling Veronica Cuellar Gutierrez
July 11, 2022

Very grateful, it has been relaxing and excellent therapy for my compressed nerves.

Ayda Luz Torrez Meza
April 19, 2022

My body needed a relaxing massage, my upper back hurt and I thought there was no better place than the Ayurveda center. Thank you

Iris Espinoza
April 1, 2022

One feels like family. The treatment from the door to the massage is so cordial and at the same time professional, that one feels at home. The massage was refreshing, relieved my stress and filled me with good vibes.

Alfonso Flores
March 29, 2022

Excellent they helped me in the need

Veronica Baltodano
March 5, 2022

Good morning 🌞!
I am Jeannette Pastora assiduous visitor to Ayurveda Marma Spa, it is a pleasant peaceful place to fill yourself with positive energy, its yoga, meditation and massage services make our body, mind and spirit feel so light and pleasant.
Infinite thanks 🙏 Ayurveda Marma Spa for such a wonderful service

Jeannette Pastor
Lawyer, Nicaragua
January 29, 2022

Ericka and her team have always made me feel valued and cared for. The services are of high quality in a natural and simple environment. It is a space where peace and harmony abound. I have enjoyed both the yoga practices and the personalized treatments because they have made me feel special.

Marlene Alvarez
January 28, 2022

I had a relaxing Ayurveda massage and I loved it. It is the best massage I have ever had, very professional, I left completely relaxed in body and soul. I definitely recommend this place. Excellent quality. Thanks a lot.

Valentina Rangel
January 18, 2022

A subliminal experience, the relaxing massage as if time had stopped and the place of luxury, pure nature and more than excellent attention

Mario Ignacio Miranda Mora
January 15, 2022

The experience lived in Ayurveda is extraordinary. You make a connection with nature and your senses. It is enjoyed to the fullest. Thank you. They are the best

Faruk Eslaquit
December 9, 2021

Excellent those massages. I loved. Soon I will make an appointment for my next session

Rachel Romero
December 1, 2021

I want to tell about my experience in Ayurveda. I told them that I had flaccid skin and cellulite. The center offered me, the cold bandages I investigated about them since I did not know what they were about and there are 10 sessions that consist of deductive massages and then you They put the cold bandages on I just tell you that they actually work as I am happy with the results I appreciate your kind attention and I hope that more people benefit thank you very much

Michel Sánchez Gutierrez
Managua, business administration
December 3, 2021

A truly excellent massage in a lovely locale.

Mary bon
November 10, 2021

After several weeks of stress, I gave myself a gift: a relaxing Ayurveda massage. I came out with another face, with new energy. Thank you for helping me regain balance.

Roberto Fonseca Lopez
Managua Nicaragua
October 30, 2021

Excellent service

Salvadora Espinoza
October 19, 2021

Much rest, balance and peace

Ayda Luz Torrez Meza
October 19, 2021

Excellent service and the attention is first world. The truth is that if you are looking for a place to relax, it is worth the visit and although the costs are a bit high, the truth is that if you plan, you can access it and it will serve you a lot.

Laureano Arcia Novoa
October 18, 2021

Since you arrive at the place, you feel an atmosphere of tranquility. Among many trees and fresh air, this spa delivers on its promise. Relaxing massage that managed to reduce my sciatic pain. I came out renewed! 100% recommended !!

Rosaura Salter
October 16, 2021

Excellent attention, I feel very satisfied and the place is very beautiful

Alba Danelia Avendaño Zuniga
October 8, 2021

It was an unique experience!

Allan berger
September 9, 2021

A place that inspires a lot of peace

Alba Roni
August 23, 2021

Visiting Ayurveda is a peaceful experience, where you disconnect from the noise of the world to focus on your mind and body. I thank Erika for her excellent way of transmitting and helping people experience that relaxation that we need in this hectic life. If you want to relax either alone or as a couple, 100% is recommended. Thanks!

Lucia Morales
July 15, 2021

For a long time I have placed myself in the hands and heart of Doña Erika.
Very satisfied to be treated as a person and not just another customer.
Always fraternal.
Thanks a lot.

Rafaela morales
July 12, 2021

I am 54 years old. Ayurveda is the best I participate in yoga, sauna and massage and the benefits I have obtained are spectacular, it has helped me with my health and above all it is a way of life that helps you in every way both physically and to release loads emotional I recommend that you do hug that great school a thousand blessings

Michel Sánchez Gutierrez
Managua, Business Administrator
July 10, 2021

Good evening, it was really a positive experience in every way, it is a disconnection from the material world to the emotional spiritual world and I think that it is completely healthy to release tension and stress I will do it again as many times as I can.

Manuel Romero Zapata
July 6, 2021

Our massage for couples was under the stars, including a sauna, it was wonderful, I can recommend something very different from what we are used to, a very natural environment and the massage is excellent.

Tania gonzalez
May 24, 2021

What a pleasure to greet you! 🤗. I have known this wonderful place through a gift certificate 💝 that my sister-in-law gave me for some relaxing massages. This has been one of the best and most useful gifts I have ever had! It came AT THE RIGHT TIME! Well, I had had a very serious health situation with my husband and my nerves were destroyed, you know when you feel that the shoulders meet the neck! In AYURVEDA, with the wonderful hands of the masseur who attended me, I managed to totally relax !!! Almost in a semi-unconscious state, my mind and body finally rested with the aromas of the oils that were applied to me, the incense, plus a music 🎶 that invited La Paz 🙏🏻. After more than an hour of pampering me, my masseur whispered to me
I heard that my massage had already finished and I with my eyes closed and clinging to the table, I answered him calmly, NOT TRUE! I don't want to go 😅.

Of course I've been back a couple more times, one of her with my husband for a couples massage! What a gift we gave ourselves! And living it with someone you love very much is exceptional! I recommend it to you .

I have also done yoga 🧘‍♀️ ,, this is Saturdays, with a super considerate and professional instructor!

I highly recommend this experience that always comes at the right time! ❤️

Grethel Valdez
JINOTEGA / Managua.
May 5, 2021

Human beings are beings… yes… but that of humans… I don't know… it gives me a lot to think about. We are too emotional and little, very little rational, a paleontologist once explained to me that this is because believing consumes less energy than thinking and we almost always choose to believe ... we are governed by our beliefs, mostly emotional ... we have been able to evolve a lot our technology but we have barely advanced from the dark caves in the management of our emotions ... for me it was a real discovery as the techniques that Erika taught me and her Ayurvedic philosophy delve into the deepest of our emotions and are capable of changing them towards a positive, calm, calm and calm state. And once our emotional self is defeated, we become our best version of the rational self ...

Victor Fernandez
madrid Spain
May 5, 2021

My little corner of peace, that's what I call the Ayurveda Marma Spa center, about 4 years ago I decided to visit it for yoga classes, I stayed on Saturday without missing classes. As time went by, I realized that with those classes I was gradually getting to know my interior more and the power to manage certain emotions in life situations and the benefits of each session in terms of the physical part no longer said. From the massages in the little corner I have always felt so comfortable, the treatment of the people who attend you and Erika's is priceless, in addition to the services that provide the warmth of the place gives you peace of mind and makes me stay longer than programmed. I definitely enjoy it a lot.


Alyena Ruiz Vasquez
May 4, 2021