January has arrived. What are you waiting for to get going?

Jan 2023
The beginning of the year is the time to assess what has been accomplished. What personal goals did I achieve in the previous year? Where am I missing or how do I want to redirect my goals? How am I feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually? Do I deserve a change in my life for my own well-being? How would I like to see myself in this new year that [...]

Do you know what low back pain is?

Jan 2022

Do you know that low back pain can be caused by work postures that you are used to in the office? Low back pain caused by office work is a common problem, harmful to health and triggering serious pathologies if it is not treated in a timely manner. What is low back pain? Low back pain, lumbago or lumbosacral pain is localized pain in the […]


Yoga for Arthritis - Discover the Right Asana

Jul 2016

  Select the most appropriate type of yoga for you! Are you looking for a way to feel better that does not involve taking another pill? Consider Yoga. “Science supports this ancient activity that seeks to harmoniously integrate the body and mind, as a medicine for arthritis. Among the most recent evidence: yoga […]