What is a human being like who is full or radiates love? How do you imagine it?

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Feb 2023

To begin with, we can all become that human full of love, who radiates his light everywhere.


Start by asking yourself how do you love yourself? And according to what you answer, you will know at what stage of development you are. To do this, give yourself permission to do an introspection, to recognize yourself / or in all your splendor, there are many paths and one of them is yoga. With the practice of yoga you will discover your internal potential that will allow you to tune in with that energy or source of love that lies within you, ready to be called.


With the practice of yoga, internal doors that you did not know are opened, one of them is to identify how your self-esteem is and the internal strengths that you have to achieve what you propose, accepting with humility and love your physical, mental and emotional state, both in the mat as out of this.


If last month, at the beginning of the year, you proposed a list of good wishes in your life or you have done it recently, now is the time to direct your energies to make those life changes that provide you with well-being, peace, health, harmony... Go ahead, the time is now. Ignite that spark that is in you, your self-love, and let it become the driving force that creates what you want, with that love that comes from within you.

The yoga practice will help you to be your best version for your partner, family or friends, I share it from my own experience, in the yoga practice, which lasts approximately one hour here at Ayurveda Marma Spa, you let yourself be flooded by that feeling of peace and wellness; of love towards yourself, nothing more is asked to connect with yourself. I usually repeat in class: "listen to the messages of your body" "always smile".


This responds to a gentle, loving yoga practice with yourself, focused on ahimsa, The first principle of yoga that translates as "non-violence" also implies accepting ourselves as is.


In this way, we build a healthy relationship with ourselves, which radiates to our environment. You will recognize that you have within you everything you need to be happy. Go ahead with lots of love!!!



Helia Taleno
Mom of three. Elinam (21), Yamila (17), Maria Dolores (12). Certified yoga teacher by the Institute of Yoga Studies Spain. University Professor in Chemical Engineering. Industry and Food.

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