January has arrived. What are you waiting for to get going?

Jan 2023

The beginning of the year is the time to assess what has been accomplished. What personal goals did I achieve in the previous year? Where am I missing or how do I want to redirect my goals? 

 How am I feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually? Do I deserve a change in my life for my own well-being? 

How would I like to see myself in this new year that is starting? Physically, mentally or emotionally, or all three at the same time!

Only you can make the wellness changes you need. There is no external magic that makes you change your life overnight, for it to be sustainable it must start from your inner self, visualize your goal and establish your commitments. To start your change, discipline is a fundamental factor inherent to yourself, you can look for external motivations, do not censor yourself for it, however, to ensure the long term, you must build them from your inner strength. Only in this way will you find a state of healthy and permanent happiness, which will lead you to a change in lifestyle.  

In yoga, we talk about sattvic happiness, it is a balanced and lasting happiness, which is not the same as eating an ice cream and feeling satisfied for a moment, but rather it is a more permanent state of happiness, because it generated a real change in you. , you see what surrounds you from another perspective. In the beginning, it will require an extra effort on your part, because perhaps you do not feel so pleasant to leave your comfort zone and establish a new routine; get up earlier, do a physical exercise or sit quietly for 5 minutes to stop your thoughts. But then, you will find a greater balance, greater balance and greater fulfillment in your life, because you created new habits, which are already part of you and build you, from the inside out.

I invite you to take stock, and set goals for your well-being, wherever you feel you need improvement and make a commitment to yourself. Yoga can be a tool that helps establish and maintain your goals. One among many others.

Procrastinating is human... leaving our comfort zone is brave!!


sanna mari laitamo

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