Do you know the type of healthy lifestyle you build for you and yours?

July 2022

Do you know the type of healthy lifestyle you build for you and yours?
According to the WHO, healthy lifestyles are the  » General way of life based on the interaction between living conditions in a broad sense and individual patterns of behavior determined by socio-cultural factors and personal characteristics «

This means in simple words, as I expressed today in a television interview where I addressed the subject, lifestyles are built and deconstructed, based on our culture, the generational transfer of values and above all what we have been collecting in our own walk. and intellectual, human, socio-economic and spiritual growth.

Intern today I want to deal with the lifestyles of those people whose work responsibilities transcend schedules, where the pressure for results and fulfillment of goals become the reason for being and human quality is masked with placebos such as liquor, psychotropic substances, night outings which in turn are causes of insomnia, permanent self-dissatisfaction and of course the change in behavior that impacts the immediate family nucleus.

Lifestyles are not written in stone and they are not a rule for all types of people. However, there are common denominators that allow us to have a goal, an inspiration or simply ideas on how to strengthen, build or deconstruct it.

Intern, I invite you to practice the following healthy habits, aimed at those people who, like you, live in intense labor demand and want to manage their time to improve their physical, mental and emotional quality of life.

  • Respect working hours, guaranteeing to be productive during the period and not resorting to social networks to "distract" or "disconnect" or to "gatherings" that do nothing but delay quality work processes. Unlike meetings or operational consultations that help simplify the results of work.
  • It incorporates conscious active pauses that contribute to that disconnection and recovery of energy. You can close the office for 15 minutes and ask that there be no interruption, listen to relaxing music and close your eyes, concentrate your mind on the music, on the sound only. Breathing consciously inhalation-absorption-exhalation, repeat 5 to 10 times. depending on the level of physical stress you can do chair exercises.
  • Practice postural hygiene both in the office and at home. (Read more about…)
  • To reduce emotional, mental and physical stress levels, incorporate relaxing massage routines (Know more…)  or practice a sport such as: cycling, walking, Crosby, pilates, yoga. (Know more…)
  • Adapt healthy life schedules that include waking up and going to bed at appropriate times that ensure sleeping at least 8 hours a day. With the objective that you can carry out physical activities in the morning or at night and provide quality time to your family and to yourself.
  • Also enjoy the weekends to visit natural areas such as forest, beach whose objective is the connection with these elements and if you do it with people you love and love you... fabulous.
  • Participate in workshops, meetings that address the issues of time management to reduce stress levels.
  • Resort to habits such as reading vs. television, or if you are by ear, listen to podcasts on topics that add you and do not subtract energy.
  • Make sure you eat a balanced diet according to your needs.

Intern, these are some of the many lifestyle practices that will help improve your quality of life, don't leave it for later, your life is valuable, you are a valuable person, learn to take care of yourself and your loved ones.


Erika fricke
In 2012 she was certified as an Ayurvedic Massage Therapist with Dr. M. Hettige, Director of the "Deegayu International Institute of Ayurveda & Traditional Medicine" in Sri Lanka. Upon returning to Nicaragua, he founded the first Ayurvedic massage center in the country.

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