Reuniting and reuniting as a couple

Feb 2021

As the years go by, couples disconnect: they live together, but they are not in tune… everything becomes a habit, habits, good and not good, an obligation to be physically without being spiritually. This does not mean that the love that united them no longer exists, simply the routine, the externalities and the responsibilities absorb them.

There are different ways to re-find this "tune" and one of them are the experiences and moments that you can enjoy together, talk and relax to renew that spiritual energy as a couple, that confidence that generates support for each other, a being ... . And the beauty of the meeting is that the relationship is strengthened, the purpose of being together and building a home based on love and respect.

From Ayurveda Health and Wellness We have designed rituals specially designed for couples to regain that connection, that walk together and integrate into a calm, natural environment surrounded by aromatic essences that activate their deepest senses.

Ritual Under the Stars Y Massage Under the Stars They are unique experiences that include Ayurvedic body massage and relaxing massage respectively, both in the open air during the sunset with scents and oils from massage candles that relax and disconnect from daily stress. At the end of the therapy you can enjoy the starry sky and a relaxing tea in an intimate and unique space with your partner.

We provide you with the conditions for that bond to strengthen and grow!

If you want the option during the day, we offer you the Ritual among Nature, in the middle of a space full of plants and environmental sounds of the field, taking advantage of the energy that the solar rays provide to our body along with the aromas of relaxing essences that penetrate the senses.

Remember that life as a couple is a complement, energy and vitality, that is why it is necessary to take a space to renew ties and continue the march, your relationship will thank you.


Lucia Morales De Franco

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